wow hey there do you like money??? cus i know i sure as hell do. well i got great news for u im giving away money literally just money. you need money to pay your bills?? sure! want a cosplay wig??? hell yea! want me to buy you a sex toy?? well im underage so sorry but i cant! but i can pretty much do anything else 

there will be 2 prizes, one of $75 USD and one of $50 USD! ill cover paypal fees if you want the money going directly to your paypal, and ill cover moderate shipping costs if youre buying an actual item (i wont pay for like $100 shipping though sorry)

the giveaway will end march 1st 2014!

the rules

  • you dont have to be following me (but if you did that would be cool)
  • you can reblog as many times as you like, and likes also count! please be considerate and dont spam though
  • no giveaway-exclusive/abandoned sideblogs please, i want this post to reach lots of people!!
  • if you have any questions about this giveaway, please send me the questions off anon!! thank you
  • i wont buy you anything illegal… or stuff i literally cant buy because im not over the legal age in my country

good luck!!